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Royal Arch Masons


Stated meetings at 7:30 P.M. the 1st Thursday of every month.

(Dark in July and August)

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Brief history of Beloit Chapter No. 9

Capitulary Masonry, in the York Rite tradition, began in Beloit on November 19, 1851 when a dispensation was granted by Dwight Lawton, High Priest of the Grand Chapter of Wisconsin, to a group of Beloit Masons, authorizing them to organize a chapter in the "Village of Beloit". On December 3 of that year, the Grand High Priest, Lawton, presided over the first Chapter Convocation in Beloit, presented it with the official charter and installed its first officers.

Fortunately, the vital chapter records survived the disastrous fire of 1951 that destroyed the temple. Thus we now have the rare privilege of tracing in those pen-written pages, the growth of Capitular Masonry and the shaping of our community. Names appear and reappear in those early records that could literally serve as a "Who’s - Who" of the community.

In 1946 the Companions of Beloit Chapter organized and sponsored the Order of DeMolay for young men in the area. Gunnard Holt was designated as the first "Dad Advisor". DeMolay was very strong in the Beloit area for many years and from it came many Masons that are still active today. It was with a sad heart that with failing membership, De Molay in Beloit had to go dark in the fall of 1983.

It has been said of Capitular Masonry that " The Royal Arch stands as the rainbow of promise in the ritual; it stands as the promise of the Resurrection; of that which was lost and that which shall be recovered". As the "many models of excellence" survived "the ruin and desolation of Jerusalem" in the days of Nebuchadnezzer, so Beloit Chapter entered upon the great task of "aiding and assisting" in the rebuilding of the Beloit Masonic Temple which was devastated by fire in its centennial year. The generosity of neighboring chapters is spread upon the minutes, in the record of contributions and fraternal assistance. So, also, is evidence of the "industry, fidelity, and skill" of our members.