Merged with Janesville No. 6
in December of 2006


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Brief History of Beloit Commandery No.6, K.T

It was during the dark and gloomy days of the Civil War that Beloit Commandery No. 6 was founded. The spirit of Freemasonry ran high. Morning Star Lodge No. 10 had already been chartered for seventeen years.

Beloit Commandery No. 6 received its dispensation on April 26, 1863, and its charter on January 6, 1864. The first Eminent Commander was Frank Salisbury.

The history of Beloit Commandery No. 6 has been long and illustrious. Numbered among its members have been many Masonic and Civic leaders. Many have served as Grand Officers and on Grand Commandery Committees.

One of the major accomplishments of Beloit Commandery No. 6 has been contributing to and working with the Knights Templar Eye Foundation.

Many unnamed and unsung members of our Commandery have served with honor. They knew well the words on the Grand Standard: "Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto Thy give glory."