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Royal and Select Masters


Stated meetings at 7:30 P.M. the 1st Tuesday of every month.

(Dark in July and August)

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Brief history of Beloit Council No. 1

At a meeting of Masons held in Beloit, Wednesday, March 25, 1857, it was agreed to petition the legal authority of the State of Ohio to form and open a Council of Royal and Select Masters in Beloit, Wisconsin.

Dispensation was received March 30, 1857, signed by George Keifer, Deputy Grand Puissant Master.

The first meeting of the council was held April 27, 1857. The first T. I. M. was James Collins.

Beloit Council received, and formally accepted, their charter from the State of Wisconsin on November 3, 1857.

By-laws for the Beloit Council were first printed and distributed to the membership in March of 1909.

Many companions of Beloit Council have served as Grand Officers.