Welcome to Morning Star Lodge No. 10 Craftsman Club


Meet every 2nd and 4th Tuesday, 12:00 noon.


Brief history of the Craftsman Club

The Craftsman Club of our Lodge provides opportunity for Masons and their friends to enjoy Masonic association and informal conversation and games.

Fred Stephenson (Left) The first "Instigator" of the Craftsman Club

Paul Mann (Right) and Bob Bunker (Center)

The lighter side of Masonry


The "Club" is completely informal, having no dues, no rules or by-laws, and no officers. Any Mason and his guests are welcome. The one and only purpose of this group is recreation, food, and fellowship within the wholesome atmosphere of the Masonic Temple.


The "fruit" of the Craftsman Club


Upon its first conception, none of the members of the lodge realized the importance of this club. For, in the years that have passed, we find that more and more brothers get "connected" with each other, and their lodge. It affords those that can not get out at night the opportunity to visit with their brothers and learn about the current lodge business. It has, without a doubt, become a very vital part of Morning Star Lodge No. 10.