Located at 229 West Grand Ave.
Beloit WI

Stated meetings the 1st. and 3rd. Wednesday of each Month
Dark 1st. Wednesday of July and August
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The historical information of Morning Star Lodge No. 10, and itsí appendant bodies, contained within this site was directly copied from several articles previously written by others. More recent history was compiled by the "E_Master". To these people we owe the future knowledge of the history of our lodge. Through the dedication to their organizations our history has been preserved. The following individuals are truly thanked for passing their knowledge on to our generation.

  • Mason H. Dobson
  • Harold Varney
  • Joseph Rhodes
  • Lawrence Raymer
  • Clarence Kindschi
  • Hermie Jufkin Milne
  • Victor Emilson
  • Nora Emilson
  • Paul Mann
  • Clarence Siler

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