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Order of Rainbow for Girls.

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Brief History of Beloit Assembly No. 9

Order of Rainbow for Girls

Since the night of November 24, 1945, as presented in Beloit Assembly No. 9, has touched the lives of many people. To some, it now seems in the far distant past. To those who were present that night, the time has gone too fast. As we look back, there were many tooth brushes sold, many cans of peanuts delivered, there were many bake sales, dances, and parties. Best of all, there were many friendships made. Grand Assemblies were looked forward to with great anticipation.

But, as with all things, there has to be a beginning. It started with Mrs. Cyril Uber, Mrs. Victor Emilson, and Mrs. Melbourne Steil journeying to Fort Atkinson to view the exemplification of the initiatory work. They were so impressed that Mrs. Steil, who as the Worthy Matron of Phoenix Chapter No. 215, Order of the Eastern Star, requested that her chapter invite Fort Atkinson Assembly to put on the degree work at a meeting of Phoenix Chapter. This request was granted and Fort Atkinson Assembly did confer the degree in Beloit. Darlene Smiljanich, Mrs. Uberís sister, was the candidate.

After several meetings in private homes by members of Evening Star Chapter No. 77 and Phoenix Chapter No. 215, Orders of the Eastern Star, the two chapters voted to co-sponsor an organization of Rainbow for Girls. A petition was sent to the Supreme Assembly to grant "Letters of Temporary". This request was granted, and on November 24, 1945, Beloit Assembly No. 9 was instituted.

The instituting officers are a matter of record, and need not be repeated here, except to say that Ora Steil, Worthy Matron of Phoenix Chapter No. 215, was Presiding Officer, and Marion Eliott, Worthy Matron of Evening Star Chapter No. 77, was instituting Marshal. Mrs. Ruth Humphreys, Supreme Deputy, Order of Rainbow for Girls, was in charge. Elkhorn Assembly officers and soloists conferred the initiatory work on 52 candidates.

Yvonne Zander was installed as the first Worthy Advisor, along with other officers who had been selected, and Harold Smith was installed as chairman of the advisory board.

There have been many ups and downs for Beloit Assembly No. 9 through out the years, but the Assembly is again gaining membership and growing strong.

The image of Rainbow will never change. Maybe we do. But, we still hear those familiar words, "Faith, Hope, and Charity these three; and the greatest of these is charity."

Please feel free to come and visit when you can. We will be glad of your company and will do our best to make you feel at home with Beloit Assembly No. 9 Order of Rainbow for Girls.